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- How to reach me, I purchased the product?  
  You will receive the file in the .ZIP folder with download.  
- Production will my own alone?  
  Yes,When you buy it, it's yours.sold only once.After the sale, remove it from our list of sales.  
- How will the product after the payment process?
  Web pages a week, Logo or Banner will be delivered within five days.  
- Do you have a domain and hosting service?  
  Of course, See the our packages.  
- How many time my web site published on the net ?  
  Once we have received customer information form, 15/20, published in between days.  
-Can I order by phone?  
  Sure! Call us at (090)5338613530 Mon-Fri during normal business hours 08.00-17.00 (middle east time-istanbul)  
-What is a Web Design Template?  
  A template is a set of professionaly created design files used as a starting point for building a web site primarily a layered Photoshop master file, images, HTML, CSS and other supporting files.  
-What software do you use to create the logo design?  
  work with multiple software application, mostly Adobe Photoshop for the logo design work..  
- Will Templates from aksweb.net work with my website Hosting Account  
  Our templates are designed to work with any Hosting Environment with ease.  
-What software do you use to create the Web sites design?  
  All of the templates from aksweb.net contain PSD files. Simply edit the PSD files with a compatible image editor such as Adobe Photoshop.Then use an editor HTML likeFrontPage, GoLive or Dreamweaver. For Flash Webtemplates to create Kool Moves (FUN-Swf) your pages...  
-I cannot open the file, I downloaded just now!  
  This is a simple problem. As the files consume large amounts of space, we have zipped and made them into an archived file. So you will need to unzip it by using Winzip/WinRar software available at www.winzip.com/www.rarlab.com.  
Logo Design Process
- When do you start working on my project?
We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your logo request and payment.
- How long does it take before I can see my Logo?
Your logo will be presented to you five business days or two business days after.
- How can I see my logo design samples?
After we receive your payment we will create a personal web page for you, where we will upload your logo design samples.Will be able to share your feedback with us.
-When will I receive my logo? and How?
After your approval will be sent to you via e-mail address to download.
- What files will I get?
You will get for the WEB : PSD , JPEG , PNG-24 (transparent) high-resolution image in RGB colors.
Stationery Design Process
- Can I edit my business cards and stationery?
Yes, you can edit, or change all the information on your business card and stationery. You will need to have Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe PHOTO SHOP installed on your computer, because your stationery files are PSD in a vector format.
- All stationery can be printed by the publishing house that I bought?
Yes, of course, possible.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send us an
e-mail to info@aksweb.net or you can contact us at:

Palm street Princess A Block
No 3 Kyrenia,KKTC Mersin10Turkey
PHONE : (0392) 8159154
MOBILE :(090)533 8613530
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