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  LOGO 62+ Stationery
  Exclusivity & Copyright Every logo is a unique, once-off creation and will be sold only once. The logo will automatically be marked as "sold" on the site once it is purchased and the link to the order page will be disabled. When you buy a logo it will never be for sale again, unless you sell it.
  Licence : This is an original, exclusive logo. Copyright transfer is included in the price.Your logo will be presented to you five business days or two business days after.
Logo 62+ Stationery
  Exclusive pre-designed logo. This logo will be sold only once. Copyright will transfer to the buyer.Changes to the colors, text, font and layout are included in the price.
Logo 62/A
How Buying on Aksstudio Works:
1. The logo you buy can only be sold one time, so it's yours and only yours.
2. We can customize any logo to show your company name. Just let aksstudio know what you want changed by clicking the "CUSTOMIZE" button after you buy.
3. Receive industry standard source files to use on websites, business cards, merchandise, and more!
Logo 62/B
  About this logo
  Item LOGO 62
  Logo Type PSD | JPEG | PNG
  Category Sport
  In the package have two different logo.
Software used
Adobe Photoshop CS+
For uncompressing a template ZIP package
WinZip (PC) and Stuffit (MAC)
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